About Us

Pivoted through necessity

“Never be above the work” Gary Van Schellebeeck, Founder

We help clients fuel their company’s growth through realistic solutions

Our team members have a real passion for consulting clients to better their business. At times working within an organisation creates a time poor environment that detracts you from being able to dedicate time and consideration in creating new improved ways to run your operation. 

With that in mind, we don’t intend on providing you a strategic solution, rather I’m dedicated to seeing our work through to implementation and go-live. This is a fundamental change and a removal of the standard expectation of a consultant. 

We strongly believe that it is our responsibility to achieve a higher standard of output before we remove ourselves from the equation. 

Training and mentoring your team forms part of our responsibilities and we work towards creating a culture accepting of change and taking a collaborative approach with the team to achieve the business goals. 

With that in mind you need only speak to us to understand that we don’t shy away from the truth and providing that clear understanding of where you business is today, and where we feel we can take it. 

Our 4 Step Process allows our clients to specifically review selected areas of their business and D.A.R.E to think differently.









Industries currently being consulted by Logistrix

Fashion and Cosmetics

Restaurants & Food Supplies

Consumer Electronics

MHE Suppliers

E-Commerce Start Ups

Commercial Real Estate