Material Handling Equipment

To Buy or to lease, that is the question!

Did you know that by selecting the wrong type of machinery from your business can cost you money or the contract.

Speaking to business owners over the last 4 months, and even more so working in and around these owners for the past 18 years, we have seen every reason to buy a machine as we have seen to lease it.

The answer is not simple, but our team will provide you with the ‘pros’ and the ‘cons’ of both. Our role is to assist you in finding the right answer for your business.

As for Material Handling Equipment (MHE) there are countless suppliers in the market that offer similar products with similar attributes. It all comes down to your team and what they are comfortable using.

Our teamwork with market leading specialists in these fields and are often called in by suppliers to discuss new options for their machines and ways to improve them.

We have a simple theory on MHE in general. If I can get reverse a reverse camera on a $20,000 motor vehicle, I think it should come standard on my $100,000 forklift.

We take no prisoners when we tender MHE contracts and we expect the very best for our clients for the right price.

Let us show you how with the introduction of specifically chosen MHE tailored for your business can make you money.