Storage Solutions and Safety

It doesn’t have to cost a lot in order for it to save you a lot

There is this misconception in Supply Chain that in order for it to work, it needs to look the part. Storage solutions is much of the same, no matter what colour or brand you choose.

There are obvious benefits with staying with one preferred supplier to reduce the cost as well as remaining compliant, but what happens when your supplier doesn’t have what you want, or has never provided you a solution primarily because it’s not in their catalogue to be sold?

Our team not only find you the right solution for your business, but the right partner to source it from.

Lets be completely honest, all things are sourced from a supplier, and we all know which global economy has made their money off manufacturing over the last 20 years, so why not go direct for those bigger projects?

We work with Storage solution companies that do just that. We not only understand what their Australian stock looks like, but we know that if there is a big enough project involved, that 9 times out of 10 and if there is enough lead time, they will be importing containers directly into your warehouse and charging you Australian Dollars for something they just paid a heavily reduced price for.

Our storage solutions are tailored to your business. We enjoy the challenge and enjoy finding new innovative ways that can offer you that point of difference in the market, as well as reducing the overall project spend whilst still retaining the output levels of your team.

Talk to our team about storage solutions before you spend more than you need too!