Warehouse Design

Do not look at what everyone else is doing, focus on what do you need to be doing?

Setting up warehouses comes naturally to Logistrix consultants. Having worked for Global 3PL’s, our team have a in depth knowledge of what it takes to build your vision.

Whether is be a small alteration, or part of a larger infrastructure project, the team at Logistrix undertake the project with the same level of due diligence and respect for the solution regardless of the spend.

We are supported warehouse designers from Colby, Shaefer & Dexion, and with their support, can present your vision through CAD so we can really see how it all fits in.

When our team looks at your design your facility, we ask ourselves 4 questions.


What is your current and future business requirements?


How adaptable is the design by applying our “Pivot” Test?


How does the change impact your workforce and what communication we do we need to provide to the team?


What technological improvements can we fit into your budget to support your growth in the market?

Warehouse designs can be simple racking or a fully automated solution, whatever the requirement our team at Logistrix can support your business.